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Industronics Service Company originally began as an instrument calibration company in 1958 by Alan Caffyn under the name Industronics, Inc. The company found its niche in serving the thermal processing industry. By the late 1970’s, Industronics had grown to employ over 150 people. It was then considered, “The world’s leading reconditioner of furnaces and ovens.”

In addition to supplying used and reconditioned equipment, Industronics began the manufacture of thermocouples and replacement industrial heating elements. It continued to be a regional leader in instrument calibration for the thermal processing industry, performing both in-house and field calibrations.It developed an in-house instrument repair shop as well as performing furnace service and refractory rebuilds and repairs. Also in the late 1970’s, Industronics laid the foundations for a formal relationship with Honeywell Industrial Controls.

In the early 1980’s Industronics, Inc. began to develop the “Consertherm” trash-to-energy incinerator. This technology interested the Spencer Turbine Corp. of Windsor, CT., and they purchased Industronics, Inc. from Mr. Caffyn in 1984. Spencer Turbine got out of the used equipment part of the business, but continued to operate the “Services Division”, which included calibration services, instrument sales and repair, thermocouple manufacturing, heating element manufacturing, furnace service, and refractory service. In 1987, the “Services Division” was sold to David Miller and got its current name, Industronics Service Company. Under Mr. Miller, the company cemented its relationship with Honeywell, becoming an authorized distributor for industrial controls. Mr. Miller operated the company until 2002, when two long-time Industronics employees, Dean Hills and James Wyse, purchased it.

The company has continued its traditional focus on serving the thermal processing industry, but has expanded its market presence in the process control and process automation sectors of the thermal processing industry. Industronics now also provides process automation services, systems integration services, and SCADA networks.The company has also developed its own SV Series software to help its customers keep pace with the more demanding quality standards and data reporting requirements.

Located at 489 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor, Connecticut, Industronics Service Company remains committed to serving the thermal processing industry and will continue to evolve to meet the fast changing needs of its valued customers

Industronics is your source for ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services. Our staff has over 50 years of experience calibrating all sorts of test and measurement equipment. Our company has been accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LAfor more than 15 years. We offer laboratory and on-site calibration services with experienced staff that rivals our competitors. Industronics provides fast turnaround and competitive rates.


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